Friday, March 28, 2008

Questions re Obama/Clinton race for nomination for President

Question #1: Why don't Obama supporters get really angry about the blatant sexism that is being shown by the media or even seem to see it, and why don't Clinton supporters get really angry about the racism being shown by the media or even seem to see it?

Question 2: Obama's speech on racism was an historic speech. Why do Clinton supporters not acknowledge that?

Question 3: Why can't Obama supporters see that the attempt to minimize Clinton's political experience while being married to a governor and then a president is outrageously sexist? Some have even called it "pillow talk", a term that trivializes the real value of the contribution that women make to their husband's career.

Question 4: One radio commentator who is an Obama supporter said she was "surprised" at the tremendous surge of support for Obama, especially among white men? Does she think white men have suddenly lost their racist thinking? Doesn't this alert her that something fishy is going on?

Question 5: Why doesn't Clinton give support to Obama's membership in a church with an outspoken black minister, instead of saying that she doesn't belong to a church with such a controversial minister? Of course, as a Democrat, she doesn't. Only extreme right-wing churches have racist, sexist ministers. Ministers of mainstream white Christian churches are not challenging the status quo (shame on them!)

Question 6: Why doesn't Obama publically deplore hecklers who tell Clinton, "Iron my shirt, bitch!"

Question 7: As a woman, I am thrilled that a qualified, gutsy woman is running for president, even if I do not agree with her foreign policy positions (as I don't agree with Obama's). Of course, people of color are thrilled that a qualified, gutsy person of color is running for president. But, aren't all progressive people really happy that both a person of color and a woman are contending for the Democratic nomination? What is it with this pressure on Clinton to give up?

I voted for Clinton, and I hope she gets the nomination, but I will vigorously support Obama if he gets the nomination. If I see a black person elected president of this country, I will dance in the streets with joy!

Let's hear it for Hilary and Barak.

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hodge2100 said...

I AM dancing in the streets as a Democrat. These are not just two "masks for the upper class." I don't agree with all their positions. But they each have a lot of grass-roots ROOTS in the Democratic Party and both let it show. Their supporters do seem to want to distance themselves from supporting the hot-button issues of the "other" candidate, but hopefully Clinton keeps hanging in.

Carol you may be right in your comments on the radio commentator. In the past, it was amazing how fast women got the vote originally when it appeared black men's voting block would soon win certain districts. White men assumed women would vote like them, which has not been true. There is a "gender gap" with women voting more for support of social programs. Are white men suddenly voting for a black man when a woman is about to win PRESIDENTIAL nomination? That's your question, and a good one.