Friday, May 30, 2008

Please post your comments on my blog

I received several messages on my e-mail (, most were in disagreement with my position that mothers' rights are a feminist issue, and that even though the FLDS mothers are not raising their children in a way that I agree with, I opposed the State of Texas seizing the children. Unfortunately, these opinions were not posted on my blog, so only I was able to see them. I am not going to copy them without the writers' permission and I am not going to try to represent their points of view. I think this question hits right at the heart of women's rights, and we should discuss it from all our points of view. Please post your comments on the blog. Thanks


Lizardfriend said...

Hi Carol,

I was pleased to find your blog and read what you have been writing about. I had a dream with you in it the other night; it gave me the impetus to reestablish contact with you.

You might be interested to learn that I am now living in China, which I intend to make my country of residence. My son is now 21, living in California, but coming to Qingdao in the fall to study Chinese here at Ocean University of China, where I have been teaching English.

The political training that I had at FWHC at such a young age has had a strong influence on me. I was just thinking of the political retreat that we had with Claudine Serre, remember? I never thought then that I would be living in China some day, with many Communists as friends.

How are Angela and Frankie? Give my regards to Frank. It's great to hear that you're still married. I look forward to reading your memoirs.

P.S. My son's father never tried to take him away from me. He did reenter his life when he was 15 years old. They took long bicycle tours with each other of a thousand miles at a time for three summers running, so he had a chance to get to know his Dad.

I don't think the state of Texas should have taken those women's children away from them. I don't know the whole story, but the foster care system is such a disgrace that I doubt very much that their lives would improve with being cast into it.

Raising children is by no means an easy task in a patriarchal society. Perhaps there is some way that women could support each other more. I was fortunate to have a childhood friend that helped me out when I most needed it.

I consider myself a powerful woman today; you had a part in that. I am grateful for all that I learned from you.

Anonymous said...

I have seen it first hand where the state of Texas will just seize children without true probably cause or proof. I have also seen this in Oregon. It's a double-edged sword, but tragic.