Tuesday, February 23, 2010

International Women's Day 2010

International Women's Day 2010
Break the Chains!
Unleash the Fury of Women As a Mighty Force for
Saturday, March 6
4PM: Rally [Westwood & Kinross (N of Wilshire)]
6PM: March (thru Westwood)

There are no more monstrous crimes committed anywhere in the world than those against women. There are no more righteous reasons to resist than the horror women go through every day. And if this were the only reason - and it is not - these crimes alon would pose the need and demand for revolution.

For International Women's Day we will be marching in the streets with a spirit of resistance by both women and men who find a "woman's place" unacceptable and intolerable, whether under medieval veils or on display as "modern" commodities.

Here in Los Angeles, we will be standing in solidarity with women everywhere, especially the women in Iran who are courageously battling the woman-hating regime. We are inspired by these women warriors who are breaking through the suffocating silence, and refuse to choose between the Islamic fundamentalist theocracy or U.S. imperialism, as they aim to bring into being a world without this oppression. If you long for this kind of future, join with us and take an active part in International Women's Day.

From Carol Downer: Join-us and consider donating...I will speak at the rally!

Donate at IWD Coalition of Los Angeles MySpace (located: left-hand side of web page)
Or Contact: International Women's Day Coalitin

March in Support of Women Warriors in the Streets of Tehran...visit http://www.8mars.com/ - March 8 Women's Organization (Iran-Afghanistan)

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